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Being stranded by the roadside is one of the worst nightmares of a road trip. Not only is it financially draining but also a dangerous experience for any driver or passenger. Calling for a Phoenix Tow Truck should never be a worry but with so many unreliable companies out there, how can you be sure you are seeking competent road assistance?


Getting a reliable and honest towing company is possible. It gives you a peace of mind knowing that there is a quality towing service awaiting you if you encounter a roadside emergency. For a quick and friendly service, call Gurus at (602) 473-9709. Do you know what differentiates this company from the rest? You are about to find out.


Highly trained towing staff

Just because your vehicle has broken down along the road doesn’t mean that it is written off. What you need is a professional tow truck service to protect your car from further damage. With Guru’s professionals at work, not even the slightest scratch on your car body would be sustained. Our professionally trained men understand how to lift any vehicle with the right facility onto the towing track. They ensure that your car is fastened properly to avoid any ruin on the way. Our experienced staff not only knows how to handle a disfigured vehicle but also a distraught client. We understand that it is normal to get upset if you are locked out of your car or when you get a flat tire in the middle of an important journey. As such, we are always ready with the best customer service to make you feel better.


Wide coverage in Maricopa County, Arizona

Roadside breakdowns often happen at the least imaginable locations and at inconvenient times. Since cars are designed to run long distances, it makes sense for our company to provide assistance to a wide area in Phoenix. We are a trusted towing company which has been serving roadside needs of Maricopa County Region for a long time. From Apache Junction to Tempe, we are able to handle any towing challenge and meet your roadside needs. Whether you need heavy, medium, light duty towing; or specialized trailer transport, there is a high-quality tow vehicle waiting for you somewhere in Phoenix. Contact us any time to have a truck dispatched to your place. From Avondale, Chandler, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, Buckeye, Paradise Valley, Surprise, El Mirage, Glendale, and the surrounding boroughs, we have sufficient facilities to handle all demands.


Affordable Cost Towing Services

We provide unique and affordable flat rate tows. After all we are the original $89 Flat Rate Phoenix Towing Company. We understand that roadside services are unprecedented and they mean unexpected expenses on your side. We are nothing like the typical companies that quote ridiculously low figures only to include hidden charges in the end. At Guru’s, there are no surprises when it comes to the costs. Our quoted figure is final. Always be careful of cheaply advertised prices as they are signs of incompetent services.


Top-of-the-line tow trucks

The main tools of trade here are state-of-the-art towing vehicles. We have a strong customer base and are committed to adding more trucks as the demand increases. When you give us a call, expect a powerful and swift truck at the scene. We often handle minor mechanical damages and that’s why we have the best tools in Phoenix.



Having a reliable partner when your car gets a hitch in a dangerous location is a huge relief. You need a fast response from a reputable service- Gurus. Our drivers use GPS to quickly respond to clients who are calling for help. Since they have been working for many years in the region, they know the shortest routes to reach your destination. With a 24-hour service at your disposal, the last thing you should worry about is lack of a towing truck due to the time of the day. Make us your emergency partner to help you out regardless of the time.


Are you locked out of your vehicle or need a repair for a flat tire? Call (602) 473-9709 for 24/7 road assistance and towing. We will get you moving in the shortest time possible.

It may be easy to locate a Phoenix Tow Truck, but with that being said it is not quite as simple to find a reliable towing service without breaking your wallet.


As a Veteran owned company, we realize that the hard working people here in central Arizona should not be taken advantage of when an unfortunate situation arises like a flat tire or your vehicle breaks down on the brutal highways of Phoenix AZ.


When you call Guru’s Towing there are several things you can count on when you have us dispatch one of our licensed tow trucks drivers out to your location.


1. Professional Courteous & Trained Drivers
2. Clean Towing Trucks
3. Fast Response Time
4. Complete & Safe Hook up


We know it can be confusing when choosing a company to transport your vehicle as the options are unlimited here in the valley. Our drivers are trained and certified to tow everything from motorcycles to historic cars and even exotic vehicles.


You can rest assured we will show up promptly in clean trucks and will personally asses every car prior to hooking up. Each situation is unique, and we understand that.


You can check out our towing company reviews via our Facebook page. We are eager to serve you! Call Us Now if you need an emergency tow at an affordable price, or if you would like to schedule a future transport of your vehicle here in the Phoenix area.

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