Flat Tire Service

Its not a question of when a Phoenix flat tire will occur, but rather when? Don’t put yourself in danger along the hot Valley highways or get all dirty or grimy. Let one of our professional roadside assistance drivers assist you. They can either change the tire for you or tow the car to the nearest tire store. We offer very low rates for our roadside flat tires service.


Steps to take if you do experience a tire losing air pressure or completely deflated.  Changing a tire on the side of the freeway can be a very dangerous task, especially in Phoenix Arizona! Pull your car as far off the freeway as possible and call Guru’s Towing Service at (602) 473-9709. We will send one of our professional drivers out immediately and get you back on the road.

The best way to prevent flat tires is to regularly check the tread and the sidewalls of the tire for dry rot, cracking, or even a nail lodged thru the tread.

Tires are a lot like the shoes you wear on your feet. Purchase a good quality tire vs the cheapo.

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