Understanding The Different Types Of Phoenix Towing Services

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Phoenix Towing Services

Classic Truck Towing Phoenix

Automobiles have a tendency of breaking down during worst possible times. Whether the emergency happens along the road, in a parking space, or inside your garage, you need reliable Phoenix towing services that you can trust to get your vehicle moving again. Tow trucks come in many designs and  serve different purposes and offer distinctive merits. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to roadside assistance services. The type of service you request depends on your particular situation.


Before you choose a towing company, you need to know the type of service you’ll be receiving. Is it reliable? Are the professionals experienced? Each wrench and recovery service has its own pros and cons. You should be able to decide what suits you best. As your experts in Phoenix towing services, we are here to guide you in finding the most appropriate roadside help for your requirements. Basically, the most crucial factor to pay attention to is your car’s safety. Under no circumstances should you compromise the safety of your vehicle over cheap services. Choose a company based on your safety needs.


Here are some insights into the main towing services you should expect here in the Maricopa Valley


  1. Flatbed towing

This is one of the safest options for towing your vehicle. We are equipped with reliable facilities to safely lift your car and strap it correctly before taking it to the nearby car repair shop. We offer both long-distance and short-distance flatbed towing for any type of vehicle including mini trucks, SUVs, utility trucks, sports cars etc. Our tow trucks feature 4-wheel tie-down mechanisms which have been tested and proven through research as the safest means of transporting cars. Flatbed tow trucks have long flat-top empty beds which use hydraulic power to move up and down. A flatbed truck is so easy to use that you can drive your car up the ramp. They are especially helpful for vehicles which have encountered accidents.


        2. Wheel lift towing

This is the cheapest and most efficient way of towing a vehicle of less than 10,000lbs. You can save a lot of money by choosing wheel lift over flatbed towing as long as your vehicle is no more than 10,000lbs. Instead of the normal chains and hooks, wheel-lift trucks use metal yoke so they cause less damage to the towed car. The yoke is fastened under the wheels and a pneumatic hoist is used to suspend the vehicle and lift it or pull it away.


        3. Medium duty towing

Suppose your truck (less than 10,000lbs) collides and sustains heavy damage. Guru’s towing services will help you move it to the nearest service station with medium duty towing.


        4. Heavy duty towing

This is a versatile solution for transporting heavy vehicles like tankers and Lorries. We lift the entire vehicle off the ground and use safer means to suspend it in the air. Heavy duty services are suitable for winch-outs of all heavy vehicles and tractor swaps.


        5. Motorcycle towing

Bikes, like any other automotive, can break down in an unexpected place or time. We offer reliable and trustworthy roadside services for all types of motorcycles.


        6.Winch Outs

Is your car stuck in a ditch, mud, or snow? You need a winch-out service from professionals who actually know what they do. Who better than the Gurus?


        7. OffRoad-recovery

Sometimes, cars become malfunctioned without a notice. If you are stuck on the road, when you need is an off-recovery service that will ensure no further damage occurs.


        8. Integrated Super Duty tow truck

These are heavy-duty services that are more specialized. Integrated tow trucks carry buses or other rigs. They come with additional axles for more strength and their arms are secured at the core of the truck.


At Guru’s, we offer different types of Phoenix towing services, each designed for specific roadside emergency or vehicle type. For a jump start, lockout, motorcycle towing, commercial towing, flat tire, and any other roadside assistance, we are just a phone call away.

Call (602) 473-9709.  

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