How To Choose The Right Phoenix Towing Truck Service

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Gurus Phoenix Towing Truck Services
Phoenix Towing Truck Service Choices

If you car is involved in an accident or it poses mechanical problems, you will need to get a competent Phoenix towing truck service to help you move your possibly smashed up car to the nearest service station, or auto body shop. If you don’t know the exact tow company to call, you might end up reaching out to an amateurish service that arrives later than their quoted ETA, and doesn’t do what you expect a legitimate towing service to do. What could be more frustrating than this? Actually in a stressful situation as described you really should not have to put up with some 2nd rate, rude & unprofessional company. We are here to give you hope.

Our customers say that we are the most reliable Phoenix Towing service in central & southern Arizona.  Proudly we can say that we are the original Home of the $89 Flat Rate Tow, and the fastest ETA response in the entire Valley. Call (602) 473-9709 Today! While there are many Phoenix Tow Truck services…there is only ONE- Gurus!

Most car owners don’t take time to get informed about genuine towing companies, let alone keeping an emergency phone number in their car. Nonetheless, we all know that roadside assistance is inevitable. Mechanical issues happen all the time and the best way to mitigate them is by planning in advance. Before you leave home, make sure you have the Gurus’ phone number if you want to get the right towing service in Maricopa County and at the right time. Challenges come at the most unexpected times and so you must be prepared all the time with the right option to keep you on track. We want to share with you a few tips that can help you find the best tow truck company for the safety of your vehicle and your own peace of mind. Here is what you should look for:

  •   Start by asking for referrals from trusted friends. You can also call an auto insurance agent for recommendations on companies they work with.
  •   Find out if the company is insured and licensed
  •   Investigate their services. Do they offer emergency repairs?
  •   Do a comparison of the costs from various companies in Phoenix
  •   Find out the distance the company is willing to tow your car and whether you need to make an upfront payment
  •  Read the online testimonials to learn what to expect
  •   Choose a service that operates on a 24-hour basis

Generally, these guidelines will help you save lots of money and time when searching for the right company.

Not all roadside assistance services are created equal. Contacting a towing company is not a big deal. Finding a reliable one though is a different story. It takes time to come across a competent service like the Gurus. Our professionals understand that your time is valuable and so they act promptly to get you out of car trouble. We understand the inconveniences that car issues can cause. But how you handle an emergency situation is very important. First, you should calm down to inform our tow truck operators the problem at hand. This enables them to assess and decide the next step of action.

A lot of things could happen while on the road. Apart from the cost of towing, you want to know what previous clients say about it.  Don’t forget to read the reviews to find out if the towing truck company can actually help with minor mishaps like your battery running out of charge, locking yourself out of the car, flat tire, and so on. Choose the most reliable Phoenix towing truck service. With Gurus, you can rest assured that all your roadway problems will be sorted. Our tow truck operators will come prepared with the necessary equipment to get you out of the mess. All you have to do is call (602) 473-9709 and explain your situation.   

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